1.Inspection equipments

Powertec own Schenck turbocharger turbine wheel , compressor wheel automatic weight losing balancing machine, Schenck&Turbo Technic&Cimat dynamic balancing machine for cartridge, Zeiss type measuring machine to guarantee the accuracy of every parts.

Technology 1

2.Finish machining

World class high precision machining equipments from Germany ,Japan ,USA and UK ,etc. Combing with flexible , lean manufacturing , high efficiency manufacturing system finally leads company connected with international turbocharger industry.

Technology 2

3.Billet-forge aluminum compressor wheel machining

Billet-forge aluminum compressor wheel by Germany Chiron 5axis machining center,Germany DMG 5axis machining center. The machinine size from 20mm-500mm. So that to improve the performance and longter life of turbocharger assembly.

Technology 3